Our Experience




When it comes to selecting professional fundraising counsel, there are fortunately
many firms to choose from and almost all companies represent themselves as
experienced and unique. The challenge for the nonprofit is to discern from this
vast list of experts which firm aligns best with its particular objectives and vision.

Experience is typically measured by years; however the type of experience can
vary greatly and it can be difficult to assess if it's transferrable.
What we believe defines a “top drawer” consulting firm is its track record in
achieving anticipated results within established time frames, regardless of the
circumstances or tasks the firm is called to perform.

When examining a firm’s credentials, non-profit leaders seek companies that
have experience in organizing and energizing Boards; have style and
grace in defining the case for development; can build and fortify development
infrastructures; and have success with rejuvenating “stalled” initiatives where prior
efforts fell short of anticipated outcomes.

The principles of The Geis Group have continuously been called to “jump start"
or “reenergize” faltering fundraising efforts. In one instance, we helped an
organization start from scratch and raise nearly $8 million for a capital endeavor
in one year.
When asked to assist a rehab hospital, we took its initiative that had
stalled at 20 percent of its goal, and brought the organization within 85 percent of its
goal in record fashion.
A pediatric hospital was experiencing a similar plateau in its
capital campaign. Through our efforts, we surpassed their original goal by 150 percent.

The Geis Group represents the finest professionals you could assemble, all of
whom are experts in their particular skill areas. Additionally, our industry leaders are
"best of class” in their respective talents. The Geis Group is masterful at team work,
production and generating a synergy and enthusiasm that is infectious.
We guarantee that working with us will transform your endeavors through
a most unique experience.