Discover Philanthropic Prospects with DonorSearch

When it comes to prospect research, your organization's internal donor data is essential to fundraising efforts. But to maximize your fundraising efforts, you also need a valuable external data.

Optimize your donor research with the help of prospect identification tool DonorSearch. It provides more comprehensive, actionable data and insights on potential prospects to target.

The DonorSearch database has over 100 million records, which provides access to valuable and likely supporters for your campaign.

Identify High-Value Prospects 

DonorSearch's in-depth external data analyzes prospects charitable giving so you can easily identify prospects that are likely to support your causes. You'll learn important wealth and philanthropic information, including income, real estate, giving history, and more. 

Make Data Driven Decisions

When you combine internal affinity ratings with external databases, organizations can easily research, build, and more quickly redefine prospect lists, saving time and resources throughout the fundraising initiative. You'll be able to easily discern best prospects and key linkages while developing communication strategies accordingly. 

Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts with The Geis Group

Accelerate your fundraising efforts and prioritize prospects with DonorSearch's Fundraising Consultants, The Geis Group. 

We also offer a proprietary data mining tool called Assay. It adds another dimension to your internal and external data and helps you make informed data-driven decisions to acquire major gifts faster. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about DonorSearch and Assay.

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